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Santora's Pizza
We ARE Buffalo's Original Pizzeria since 1927.
    • $ 0.00

Any Whole or Half Sub at Regular Price, add any 20 oz. soft drink for $.25

    • $ 0.00

Any Large or Small Santora's Delicious Fresh Made Salad at regular price, add any 20 oz. beverage for $.25

    • $ 8.95

Three Giant Chicken Fingers, Fries & 20 oz. Beverage

Santora's jumbo chicken fingers. Served with French fries, bleu cheese and soft drink.

    • $ 7.58

2 Slices of Pizza & 20 oz. Beverage

Our slices are different than all the rest because they're Santora's slices! Freshly baked dough loaded with homemade sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Served with a 20 oz. soft drink.

    • $ 7.25

1 Slice of Pizza, Salad & 20 oz. Beverage

A slice that is different from all the rest because it's a Santora's slice! Freshly baked dough loaded with homemade sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. Lunch salad features blended lettuce, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, onions and our Famous Homemade Croutons. Your choice of dressings & 16 oz. soft drink.

    • $ 12.95

Calzone & 20 oz. Beverage

Your choice of 4: Pepperoni Pizza, Meatball Parmesan, or Grilled Chicken & Broccoli, served with Dipping Sauce.

    • $ 10.95

Antipasto, Garlic Bread & 20 oz. Beverage

"Oh, Live a Little!" blended lettuce, tomatoes, salami, cappicola, ham, garbanzo beans, black & green olives, hot peppers, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, onions and our Famous Homemade Croutons. A Santora's Favorite! Our freshly baked garlic bread with homemade garlic butter topped with mozzarella cheese & baked to perfection!

    • $ 9.95

1 Slice of Pizza, 2 Fingers & 20 oz. Beverage

One slice of Santora's pizza with mozzarella & pepperoni, 2 chicken fingers (hot,medium, or mild).

    • $ 10.95

1 Slice of Pizza & 5 Wings with bleu cheese & 20 oz. Beverage

One slice of Santora's pizza with mozzarella & pepperoni and 5 wings (hot,medium, mild or BBQ).

    • $ 0.50

Make it a 20 oz. Bottle

    • $ 9.30

2 Slices of Gourmet Pizza & 20 oz. beverage

(see Gourmet Pizza menu section)

    • $ 1.25

Bleu Cheese, Hot Sauce, BBQ, & Marinara

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